Strong words, emotions at forum on illegal waste dumped in Estill County

Irvine, Ky. (WTVQ) – Dozens turned out Tuesday evening at Estill County High School for a public meeting about low-level radioactive waste that officials say was illegally dumped in a landfill across from the school. The state says it knew about the illegal dumping about three weeks before Estill County officials were notified. The state says nothing was said right away because state tests revealed no risk to the public. Still, people at the public meeting were angry that it happened in the first place.

One man in the audience told a story about a time he bumped into a truck driver on the road.

“He said he was a toxic waste hauler. I said, is that right? Yeah. I said, where do you haul to? He said a little town off the map. I said, where at? He said, Estill County, Kentucky. He said, I sneak in there, dump my load at three or four o’ clock in the morning, and sneak out.”

The county says a West Virginia-based company illegally dumped an estimated 1,500 tons of low-level radioactive waste in the Blue Ridge landfill.

The Estill County judge-executive told the crowd Tuesday night that he wants surveillance cameras in place near the landfill to catch anyone who might try this in the future.

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