Strickland Scheduled To Be In Court

Former UK asst. basketball coach Rod Strickland is scheduled to be in court Friday.

According to Lexington police, Strickland was pulled over Thursday morning for failing to signal. When police pulled his driving record, they saw he had a suspended license and arrested him.

UK public relations related later that Strickland claimed to have his license, and were investigating.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, however, told ABC 36 that Strickland’s license was in fact suspended due to charges stemming from a DUI in Tennessee.

The Tennessee Department of Safety confirmed this, saying he was charged with a DUI in 2008 and had his license suspended in 2011 for failure to carry SR-22 Insurance (which those with previous DUI charges in Tennessee are required to carry).

Strickland’s license was suspended in Kentucky for a DUI arrest back in 2010. The suspension lasted one year.

According to the KTC, because his license is suspended in Tennessee, it’s considered as such in Kentucky.

To straighten everything out, Strickland would have to pay the fee and file the paperwork for the suspension in Tennessee, as well as pay a $40 reinstatement fee for Kentucky.

Strickland is scheduled to be in Fayette District Court Friday at 1PM.

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