Sticking with your New Year’s resolutions

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Now’s the time, we may start to slack a bit on our New Year’s resolutions.

Oh and Sunday, January 17th is “Ditch New Year’s Resolution’s Day”.

Liz Hodge has been training at CSS Wellness since it first opened. She says she wants to stay healthy, feel good, and be a positive model for her teenage daughter.

We asked her how she stays motivated, “It’s been super hard this last year, of course all of us have been at home, we’ve gained the quarantine fifteen so with the motivation I have is just having accountability,” Hodge said.

She said her friends and trainers keep her going.

Personal trainer and nutritionist Mackenzie Senters said part of setting a New Year’s resolution is keeping a balance.

“One thing that I see a lot of people doing is being very all in or all out and instead of doing that just making small changes over the next few weeks. It’s way easier to handle mentally and then you’re typically more likely to stick with it,” Senters said.

She said when it comes to food, for example, if you plan your meals for the day ahead of time it’ll help you stay on track.

CSS Wellness owner Brian Leggett said it’s important to find a support system.

“Whether it’s your gym buddy, whether it’s your trainer, whether it’s just your family friend that’s helping keeping you accountable. You have to have somebody or something in your life that’s helping you continue to stay motivated throughout this,” Leggett said.

He said a little advice will go a long way, little guidance will go even further, and a lot of support will get you to your goals.

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