Stepping up for kids

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Grab your walking shoes.

Saturday, more than twenty-five people walked in teams throughout the day, with more joining virtually, to raise money for kids’ after-school programs, all through the Kloiber Foundation Step Up For Kids 100k Challenge.

“I think right now we’re at about 65,000 steps so we’ll be here many more hours until we can get to the end here but we’re over the halfway mark, two thirds of the way done here,” said 6th District Councilmember and Kloiber Foundation President David Kloiber.

Kloiber is aiming for 100,000 steps, and he was walking all day.

“In our district we have a wide array of people from various backgrounds. And so having a community center like the YMCA that lets us bring kids from, different backgrounds to provide that education and background just brings a stronger community together,” said Councilmember Kloiber.

The programs, whether focused on physical education, academics, or fun, are meant to create an environment for everyone.

“We serve all kinds of kids from all different backgrounds, like I said, different varying levels of socioeconomic status. And you would have no clue which kids we might be serving more,” said Whitaker Family YMCA District President Dana Ensley.

Michelle Runyon has a seven-year-old daughter who participates in ballet and soccer at the Whitaker Family YMCA. Michelle participated in the walk, completing more than 3,600 steps. She says she’s walking for her daughter.

“She’s made so many friends and relationships and it’s all positive, and that’s what I want to be around. Is just the positives and outreaches and anything good. It just warms my heart,” said Runyon.

The Kloiber Foundation hopes to reach a $20,000 goal.

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