State transportation department says to be cautious of black ice

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The state warns as the cold weather continues, including light snow, to be cautious of black ice.

In case of a crash:

  • if no one is visibly injured, move your vehicle to the shoulder or off of the interstate or parkway
  • call the police
  • exchange information with the other party

If your car is disabled:

  • move your vehicle off the roadway if possible
  • turn on emergency flashers
  • to request aid — tie something white or bright to your antenna or window or raise the hood
  • if  you are unable to move your vehicle from the roadway — stand away from the vehicle
  • keep your arms and legs moving to stay warm

To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning if trapped in snow — keep the exhaust pipe clear. Run your vehicle with the windows partially open and use the heat for 10 minutes every hour.

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