State sees late bump in voter registration, GOP gains most

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)Secretary of State Michael Adams announced a bump in voter registration, with 10,534 net new voters registering between October 1st-5th and November 4th-30th.

By law, the voter registration books close the four weeks before an election, through election day. In comparison, only 4,115 net new voters registered in October and November of 2019.

“We’ve seen, particularly after election day, a bump in voter registration,” Adams said. “I hope this level of interest and enthusiasm stretches into 2021, a non-election year.”

From October 1st through 5th, eight new Democrats registered, 2,940 new Republicans registered, and 784 Other voters registered, a total of 3,732.

From November 4th through 30th, Democrats lost 1,814 voters, Republicans added 6,982 voters, and new Other voters added 1,634, a total of 6,802.

For October and November combined, Democrats saw a 0.12% decrease in registration, Republicans saw a 0.63% increase in registration, and Others saw a 0.75% increase in registration.

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