State rep. candidate pleads guilty to DUI, will remain in race

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A candidate for the state Legislature in the June 23 primary has pleaded guilty to DUI and plans to remain in the race.

Monteia Mundy pleaded guilty Monday. She is one of two Republicans — Aaron Yates is the other — running for the 88th District House seat which covers parts of Fayette and Madison counties.

In a statement, Mundy apologized.

“I made a mistake and I’m sorry. The morning of April 25th I took a medication that was prescribed to me. That evening, I had a drink not realizing that a possible side effect of the medication was disorientation and loss of judgment if I consumed any alcohol at all. I should have been more careful while under medical care. I accept full blame and responsibility. To every person who was put at risk by my mistake, I’m sorry, and I ask your forgiveness. I’m grateful that the outcome wasn’t worse, and I’m grateful to the Kentucky State Trooper who located me and took appropriate action to ensure the public’s safety. I was disoriented and I didn’t belong on the road. I know that God has forgiven me, and now I can only hope others can find it in their hearts to forgive me as well,” she said, noting she pleaded guilty to DUI in Madison District Court. and already has begun meeting the terms of her punishment.

In her statement, she said she did consider withdrawing from the race but decided to stay in, saying Yates made her decision for her.

“However, during that same time, while my primary opponent was making public statements saying he was praying for me, he was messaging me privately threatening me. He gave me a deadline to withdraw from the race and back him, and if I didn’t meet his deadline, he indicated that he and his people would ruin me and my future. The night the deadline passed and I didn’t withdraw, true to his word, a coordinated multimedia attack began against me. It used the same language and insults to denigrate me across numerous platforms. Each attack came almost simultaneously and anonymously. Money was spent on the attacks, but who spent it is hidden,” she said of her opponent.

“I’m not perfect, that is certainly clear. I’ve made mistakes in my life as we all do, perhaps the worst of them recently, but I do believe in a set of core values,” she noted.

Mundy and Yates are challenging Democratic Rep. Cherlynn Stevenson, who has held the seat since last year.

In an arrest citation, Kentucky State Police said Mundy was involved in a collision near the Love’s gas station on Boonesborough Road in Madison County.

State police said witnesses told them they saw Mundy driving on the wrong side of the road before crashing into a ditch. She was found at another gas station less than a half mile away.

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