State Police Increase Patrols Super Bowl Weekend

State Police said the number of people drinking and driving picks up during Super Bowl weekend.

To prepare for an increase in the number of drunk drivers on the road, police said they are increasing the number of troopers on duty.

Some Madison County Deputies are also hoping to stop people from driving drunk this weekend.

They were working alongside teenagers today at several liquor stores for “Sticker Shock.”

It’s where they put stickers on cases of alcohol that explains the dangers of drinking and driving.

Deputies said it’s a reminder to adults and a good lesson for the youth.

“That’s encouraging, definitely, cause they’re getting the idea,” Sergeant Michael Marcum said about teenagers taking part in the event.

“They understand that you’re not supposed to drink until a certain age and drink and drive. So it’s very encouraging,” he said.

State Police’s campaign is called “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk.”

They are hoping it will encourage football fans to get a designated driver and be smart this weekend.

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