State Passes new Social Studies Standards

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – The State Board of Education unanimously passed new Social Studies standards Wednesday.

Rebecca Ingram was one of the teachers who sat in front of the board, asking it to pass new Social Studies standards.

“These standards provide the guidance necessary for teachers to have more flexibility to meet the needs of their students,” said Ingram.

Anna Beth Edens is a middle school teacher in Scott County. She thinks the current standards are outdated.

“In an ever-changing world, it is a travesty that the standards that are widely taught right now, were the very same that were used to instruct me as a middle school student,” said Edens.

The standards passed with no opposition.

The new standards provide guidelines for what students should be learning from grade to grade.

Kindergarten students would learn about the purpose of local government.

The overview for fourth grade says students would learn why and how people move from one place to another, through the study of migration and settlement in Colonial America.

By 8th grade, students would investigate how conflict and compromise affected the development of the U.S. between 1600 to 1877.

The high school standards were broken down into subjects; including civics, economics, U.S. and world history, as well as geography.

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