“Stand Up For Justice”: Lexington Congregation Prays on Inauguration Day

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- This election was one of the most divisive in recent history. On Inauguration Day, some people across the country are protesting, rather than celebrating. That includes people in and around Lexington. Today, a congregation at a local church prayed together as the President took the oath of office.

People at Bluegrass United Church of Christ just wanted to be together as President Trump officially took office. They did not watch, instead they prayed, a reminder to embrace the change in leadership, even though they do not all approve of the new leader.

For many in the congregation, the change in leadership brings fear for the future. Reverend Marsha Moors-Charles encourages her flock to embrace the new president, not necessarily approve of him, but accept his new role, and hold him accountable.

“As people of faith, called to stand up for justice, called to reconcile, called to love,” she said.

Love is one of the reasons Moors-Charles and her congregants worry about the next four years. The church is home to many people who identify as LGBTQ, including the reverend herself.  Congregation member Anthony Smallwood says Trump’s words don’t seem to be inclusive. He says he’s heard more stories of bigotry in the last year then in the last ten years.
“I’m worried. Hopeful, as President Obama told us to be. I’m hopeful, but I’m worried,” Smallwood said.

He says the service brought comfort, and motivation to move forward. To end their time together, the congregation wrote prayers for the country on flags and lit candles.

“I was lighting that candle as a prayer, sending that prayer up, saying let’s make this work,” Smallwood said.

Just hours after Trump took office Friday, a page on the White House website about LGBTQ rights disappeared. It’s not clear whether the page has been deleted or is just being restructured to fit the new administration, but several people have reacted online, worrying it’s a sign the Trump White House won’t be supportive of the gay community.

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