Spotlight on Lexington based Bluegrass band at Master Musicians Festival

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)  – This weekend a group of Lexington-based musicians will have a huge spotlight on them as they headline a two-day summer festival in Kentucky. The festival is known for drawing some of the top acts from around the world.

“Some of the greatest players on the planet have played there and, so, it’s an honor,” said CJ Cain, lead guitarist/singer for the Wooks.

The Wooks, a bluegrass band, is the headliner for the Master Musicians Festival in Somerset on Friday. Cain is a Lexington native and said the band is a diverse group of musicians from across the country.

“Take traditional bluegrass and singer-songwriter music and even rock ‘n’ roll, kind of taking all of those influences and writing songs that are a culmination of all of those things,” said Cain.

Not only will the band play their music at the festival, but they will also play a tribute to one of their biggest influences, John Prine, a two-time grammy-winning singer-songwriter with Kentucky roots.

“You can’t help but feel good listening to john’s music,” said Cain. “So, it will be fun to play some of those songs for everybody to remember him.”

Prine was one of the headliners for the festival in 2018. He died of COVID-19 in 2020.

Cain says they’re excited to bring Prine’s music back to the festival.

“I think it’s going to be fun for everybody because we’re going to play a lot of his songs and a lot of them they’re really fun for the crowd too, because their good sing-along tunes,” said Cain.

While COVID took one of their inspirations, there was a silver lining during the pandemic. Cain said it allowed them to work on their third album, which they hope to release this year.

“We were able to make it work for us and use the time off the road to write songs for the album,” said Cain.

You can listen to The Wooks on Friday starting at 10 pm with the John Prine tribute at 11 pm.

Blues Travelers is the headliner Saturday evening. Tickets for the festival are available.

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