Spike In “Crimes Of Opportunity”

If you see something strange in your neighborhood, a suspicious car or someone lurking, do you call 9-1-1?  With burglaries on the rise, you should be on the look out–and take steps to keep your belongings safe. 

After 26 cars break ins and a series of garage thefts in Frankfort, Franklin County deputy Jeff Farmer visited the burglary hot spots. 

"We’ve had a lot of calls in the Heritage subdivision," said Farmer.
He saw garage doors up and Farmer warned, "If you’re not in it, someone else will be."

There were car windows, left wide open, just down the street from all the car break ins.

Farmer said if a thief were walking down the street that’s the vehicle they’d target.

He came back an hour later and the same car was still unlocked.  He decided to warn the family. 

"It’s just too tempting for some people to pass that by," said Farmer.  "To deter criminal mischief I’ll go knock on the door to tell the family what’s going on."

He then moved to the next house with an unattended garage.  Visible was a motor cycle and exercise equipment.  He waited 20 minutes and still no one caim outside.

He said he’s seen thieves get away in less than a minute.

"It’s worth stopping and telling people to shut their garage," said Farmer.

With the warm weather, burglaries are now on the rise, according to local law enforcement.  Farmer said neighbors should watch out for each other. 

Marie Mika and Cathy Jackson have lived next door to each other shy of seven years.  That’s something they already do.

"We heard about the break ins," explained Johnson.  Johnson lives in the Heritage subdivision.  Her garage door was open but she was right next door at Mika’s house. 

Mika and Johnson both agree, had their been a crime of opportunity, they would have caught it.

"We watch out for each other," said Mika.  "We know when each other are out of town."

Farmer still said a simple way to deter theft is to keep your garage door down and your windows up.  And, if you notice something suspicious you should always alert the authorities. 

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