Special Session: Public Pension Reform

The Kentucky general assembly is meeting in a special session that very few people knew was coming.

The topic of discussion is public pension reform.

This special session comes just days after the state Supreme Court rejected the public pension reform plan that passed earlier in the year.

The court said the plan didn’t get three readings as required by law.

The Governor announced at 4pm that this special session would begin at 8pm.

House Minority Leader, Rocky Adkins and others complained they didn’t have any warning and that it would be hard for some members to get to Frankfort in four hours.

A little after 9:30pm, there were only 72 House members there, out of the 100.

Teachers made it there to protest.

They also complained that this was an effort to rush a plan into law.

Governor Bevin says the pension system is in the red long term by 84 billion dollars and action is needed now.

“We have a legal and moral obligation to provide and deliver on the promises that have been made. The only chance we have of doing that for those already retired and working toward retirement is to change the system going forward,” said Governor Bevin.

“This isn’t the way democracy should be working – Kentucky or even the United States. It’s doing things with 4 hour notice, 3 hour notice it’s not fair. They did it illegal the first time and they’ll probably try to do it illegal the second time. There is a way to fix this pension problem but this is not it,” said Kenneth Gray, Retired Teacher.

“I am probably not in favor of doing this and certainly not in this fashion,” said Tom Buford, District 22 Senator.

It’s not clear how this special session will last but they can cost up to 40,000 dollars a day of your money.

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