Special response team recovering after station fire

SOMERSET, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Somerset Pulaski County Special Response Team helps people every day but now it needs help.

Fire damaged its station and destroyed emergency vehicles, although, the focus isn’t on what was lost but what was saved.

“Stuff can be replaced but people can’t,” Baker said.

People or birds. A lot of stations have a pet mascot, this station has two Macaws, Romeo and Blue.

“Until I saw Somerset come in, they actually went in first and told us they were alive. I was sitting out here in front of the 9/11 memorial bawling because not only to lose our equipment of what we worked hard for for 27 years but they’re just like any other pet. They’re a member of your family,” Baker said.

Chief Doug Baker says it’s a miracle the birds survived.

“The smoke was horrible. I mean I’ve been a firefighter for 35 years and that was just about the worst smoke I’ve seen,” Baker said.

Romeo did go to the vet for some respiratory problems.

“So many people who have donated for his medical bills. We’ve had local stores, toys and supplies, and so far we’ve had almost two thousand dollars worth of donations just for his care,” Baker said.

But overall they are both doing just fine.

As for the building, the frame is still standing but everything inside was damaged from the fire and smoke, including four of their emergency vehicles.

Baker says, “The roof will have to go, all the insulation. I mean it’s severe, severe damage.”

Chief Baker says the team is lucky to be up and running again and the community support is what keeps them going.

“Even though it’s a mess and we’ve got a lot of damage, it’s rebuildable and we can come back from it,” Baker said.

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