South Central KY football teams called out, Pulaski County coach responds

PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – KHSAA Commissioner Julian Tackett’s comments calling out football teams in South Central Kentucky has one coach confused and concerned.

John Hines, head football coach at Pulaski County High School, says he doesn’t know who the commissioner is talking about, but he’s making sure his team is safe.

“We obviously want to play football and all of our fall sports, but we want to be safe,” says Hines. “We want to take care of our kids.”

Hines says the team has been following coronavirus safety precautions since conditioning started in June.

“We did have a few COVID issues in the early summer, but we were thankful the health department was able to walk us through that,” Hines says.

He says one player tested positive after getting it from his mom, and a few other kids who were in contact with him had to quarantine as well. Other than that, Hines says everything’s been fine since then.

“We’ve been very fortunate and we’re glad all of our kids are healthy and doing well, other than a little beat up from our first football game,” says Hines.

He says Tackett couldn’t have been talking about Pulaski County when he called out South Central Kentucky schools Wednesday.

Tackett didn’t list specific teams, but said they were not following coronavirus guidelines and it could lead to a shutdown.

When asked if he knew if other counties were following similar safety guidelines, Hines said, “I would hope that they all are, but I really don’t know. Hines says he interested in finding out.

Hines says the team is screened every day. Only four fans, per player, are allowed at home games. Mask wearing and social distancing are required, and guests have to leave their information in case there’s a need for contact tracing.

He says he hopes whatever the issue is gets resolved, for the sake of the kids.

“They’re just really excited to be back and to be a part of something that they love.”

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