Sonic Drive-in Distributing $1 Million To Deserving Teachers

Teachers have a job that some love and others, well, not so much. Here’s one way to help bring an educator a little joy. Limeades for learning is a long standing initiative that sonic has had in partnership with donors choose. Right now, we are currently in our fall voting campaign, which takes place now until October the 24th. And over the course of those four weeks, we are going to put our a million dollar donation into the hands of our fans. That means you can vote for your favorite projects to help determine how that money is spent. The best place to start for a teacher and for someone who wants to support teachers and students is limeadesforlearning.Com. That is where a teacher can start the process of saying, “Here’s what I need for my students.” it’s where a fan or any member of the public can say, “Here is the teacher’s project request that I want to see sonic bring to life.” over the years, we’ve donated about 19 million through this long standing partnership and are really excited to see this fall take place and especially at such a critical time. So vote daily and help make a teacher’s day.

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