Some students in Lexington bummed about starting school online

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Three Paul Laurence High School students say learning remotely wasn’t on their senior bucket list, but as of Thursday’s school board vote, schools in Fayette County are preparing for students to learn online once again.

The school board voted unanimously to start the school year with NTI learning.

Friends Dylanie Brummer and Whitney and Samantha Griffin say they’re bummed about the possibility of missing key moments of their last year in high school.

“I’ve looked forward to this for like ever and I want to go to prom,” says Whitney. “I want to have senior dinner dance, senior tailgate.”

They say last semester, they did like that they could work at their own pace, but they weren’t as focused as they could be.

“I liked it,” says Samantha. “I was scared I wasn’t going to get done in time,” Brummer says. “I feel like I’m better learning in-person, in-school rather than the online. I just hate that,” says Whitney.

The girls say they’re glad all Fayette County Schools will give laptops and hotspots to students, but they say that doesn’t compare to the individual attention some students can only get in person.

“Not everyone has the same help at home that they can get at school and not the same resources,” Whitney says. “A lot of people are really struggling.”

Brummer says it’s tough to see other parts of normal life back open.

“If you can open restaurants, and you can open bars ,and you can go to church, and you can do all this, you should be able to go to school,” Brummer says.

The trio says they’d prefer a hybrid schedule, so they can at least be in school some of the time.

Overall, they say they hope their classmates stay positive.

“I feel like everything happens for a reason,” says Samantha. ‘We’re all going to get through this. We’re all going to make the best of it, and I think we’ll all get closer because of this.”

In a statement, the school board said it will reconsider the plan in September. The board will meet on Monday to approve the school calendar and talk health and safety protocols that will be used when kids return to the classroom.

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