Some Lexingtonians celebrate Biden’s projected victory

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexingtonians with the Bluegrass Activist Alliance gathered downtown Saturday and cheered because Joe Biden is the projected president-elect.

“When I heard the news this morning, honestly, I just burst into tears,” Julie Martinez says, chairwoman for the Bluegrass Activist Alliance.

“People have been holding their breath for four years, and that’s not okay,” Martinez says. “We need a country where we can feel safe, where we feel like we can talk together, where we feel like we can find common ground, but where we respect the value and the dignity of every single life. That’s what I want to see happen in this country.”

Martinez says it’s important to hold Biden accountable once in office, for things such as police reform, bridging division in the country, and more.

“Democratic leaders need to be held accountable just like republican leaders do, and as people we need to work together so that we’re seeing the best for our city, our state, our country.”

Josh Mers, chair of the Fayette County Democratic Party says Biden will be a president for all of America.

“Having someone that will welcome, that will work with the folks on the other side,  that will put forth policies that reflect the greater good for all of us in this country – that’s gonna be refreshing,” Mers says.

Mers and Martinez both say the significance of the first Black woman projected as vice president cannot be underscored.

“I’m thrilled for my own children to be able to see this,” Martinez says.

President Trump has not yet conceded the race. He says there’s been election fraud. Those claims are not substantiated.

Mers says Trump’s acknowledgement is a critical next step.

“I look for the folks in the Republican Party, including, I hope, our own Senator Mitch McConnell, will call on the president to do that,” Mers says.

Kentucky republican leaders have not responded to requests for comments as of Saturday night.

The Republican Party of Fayette County has posted on its Facebook page several times. One post calls people sheeps for “following what the media wants you to think.”

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