Some homeless reluctant to go to shelters

When the weather dips into freezing temperatures, people might think the homeless are likely to go to a shelter.  There are many, however, who are reluctant to come through the doors.
The Beacon of Hope in Winchester tells us their staff tried to pick up a man Wednesday night who was not wearing shoes, despite the temperature dropping to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.  Others staying at the shelter said it was difficult for them to take help.
"It was a little hard for me because of pride," said Mike Faulconer, a resident of the Beacon of Hope. He remains grateful, though, saying, "They gave me a warm bed, food and clothes.  They even have prayer class.”
Since opening in January, the president of the shelter, Michelle Bradford, said they have housed 21 people.  If you would like to help, she says the Beacon of Hope is accepting donations and could especially use food and money.  You can contact them at <>, or drop off donations at 103 Talbott Ave. in Winchester.

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