Solid Blue fans worry about UK ties to federal investigation

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Many Solid Blue fans say the Yahoo Sports report that ties UK to the federal college basketball investigation doesn’t surprise them.

They are also happy it seems none of the allegations could impact a championship year from the past.

They are worried for the future, though, of the team, and the sport.

Larry Glover Live Friday on News Talk 590 focuses on the article. Three Kentucky players, two former and one current, are listed on an agency balance sheet, making it look like they could have been paid to pick Kentucky, violating amateurism rules.

Glover tells his listeners he thinks 2013 player Nerlens Noel could’ve gotten money after he left Kentucky. He’s not worried about the dinner or meeting current leading scorer Kevin Knox could have had with the agent.

“I mean at this point, I think I would just play him, frankly,” Glover said.

It’s the huge $36,000 “bad loan” listing for last year’s Bam Adebayo that worries him, and his guest Justin Rowland from Cats Illustrated.

“I just hope people don’t start blaming Bam. You know, people know what his background is before Kentucky. I hope people realize how difficult it is for people in those circumstances,” Rowland said.

A listener thinks coaches got together to put athletes on the “payroll”.

“I think this story, this scandal is a tipping point for the way college athletes are compensated and handled going forward,” Glover responded.

“If you have to pay the basketball players, you have to pay all the other athletes in the other sports,” the listener, Nate, said.

“The question is what will the NCAA do? And I’m not sure the NCAA will do anything, frankly,” Glover said.

He and his listeners wonder what will happen next. That other players and schools will get involved, they don’t doubt.


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