Solid Blue fans react to UK win

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – After the Kentucky Wildcats beat the West Viginia Mountaineers 78-39, it left many Solid Blue fans saying their team is unstoppable. "I haven’t seen a team like this in my lifetime. It’s one that has 10 professional players on it," says Erick Ostrander, owner of The Paddock bar and lifelong Solid Blue fan.

Others say they were not shocked when UK won by 39 points on Thursday. "They’ve got it all. They’ve got quickness, length and power. Booker’s hitting threes. The Harrison twins are playing well, hitting threes. Andrew (Harrison) is dishing the ball," says Dan Stone, Solid Blue fan. Stone says he doesn’t think any team is really a match for UK, except for maybe Arizona. Still, he isn’t worried. "We’re beating everybody. There’s no competition out there," says Stone.

Solid Blue fan Rachael Switzer says UK has so many talented players, it is difficult to keep up. "UK doesn’t keep players past their Freshman year because they are so good they get recruited," says Switzer.

Throughout the night there were many celebrations near campus and the famous CATS cheer could be heard around Lexington. Police did patrol the State Street area as well as outside of the college bars. About 250-300 fans did celebrate around State Street, but no serious conduct issues were reported. Authorities say there were a few small fires that put themselves out. One of those small fires was extinguished by the Lexington Fire Department.

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