Solid Blue Fans Not Worried About SI Jinx

The cover of Sports Illustrated coming out Thursday features the Harrison Twins.

Making the cover is an honor, but some Solid Blue fans are talking about the superstition surrounding it.

“Yeah, I kinda think got a little nervous when I saw them put them on the sports illustrated, but I guess we’ll see,” Sami Michaelis said.

Some people believe there is a jinx connected to landing the cover of Sports Illustrated.

“I know it’s a big thing where when you’re on the cover you’re play is supposed to decline,” Michaelis said.

Many Solid Blue fans said Kentucky players are used to the pressure. They believe that the cover won’t have any impact on their performance.

“My sophomore year when Anthony Davis was here they were all on the cover, and we won the championship,” Brandon Curry said. “I could kinda view it as a good luck type thing rather than a curse.”

A sign wishing the team good luck also appeared in Coach Cal’s front yard today.

The SI article that comes out tomorrow will recap Kentucky’s incredible run to the Final Four.

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