Solid Blue “Battle for the Governor’s Cup” Preview

1994.  The rivalry is renewed.  Kentucky 20, Louisville 14.

The Cards answered by winning two straight.  Then two in a row for the Cats.

Louisville took the next three before Kentucky got back in the win column in 2002, 22-17 at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.

The reign of red was four years long after that win for the Blue and White.

Then came four years of Kentucky dominance over Louisville.

But in 2011, the Cards came into Commonwealth and left with the trophy once more.

What will 2012 hold for Solid Blue fans?

Check out the video for the entire Solid Blue "Battle For The Governor’s Cup" Preview.

Dan goes one-on-one with Joker Phillips.

Highlights of the Tennessee win and the rest of the 2011 season.

The last time the Cats and Cards played and the trash talk since.

Plus a preview of the keys to the game and starters for both teams and much more!

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