Snow Days Replace Spring Break in Anderson County.

Even with this week’s warm-up, people in Anderson County may be feeling the effects of the winter weather for weeks to come.

Schools have been closed for 15 days due to bad weather.

“They were fun but after so many you get tired of just sitting at home,” said Madison Bowman, a high school junior.

 “It makes it tough with being out of the classroom,” said Tanya Bowman, Madison’s mom and Anderson County teacher.  “You need to be in the classroom to get learning done but we’ve got to deal with it the best way we can.”

The Anderson County School Board is cancelling Spring Break to make-up some snow days.

The School Board asked parents, students and staff how they wanted to make-up snow days.  The option to have class on Memorial Day and all during spring break got the majority of votes with more than 1,300 votes. 

“It’s just a double-edged sword, it’s bad for both sides but we have to deal with it the best way we can,” said Bowman.

It means some families have to cancel spring break trips or take kids out of school, that’s what the Peach family plans to do for their annual trip to Hilton Head, SC.

 “We had already planned our trip, we had already paid our money and we weren’t going to get that money back and so we just decided to go for it,” said Kelsey Peach, a high school senior.

“We don’t want to have to take them out but since we already made plans, I think we just let them make-up the work so they stay on top of everything,” said Kelly Peach, Kelsey’s dad.

The Anderson County School Board says if spring break vacation plans are already booked, parents can request their child’s absence be excused.

Those requests must meet certain criteria for that to happen.

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