Smelly Sewage Problems Near Some Lexington Apartments

Imagine a sewage leak just outside your apartment complex; it’s a mess city workers said they’ve been cleaning up since Sunday when a sewage pipe broke along Man O’ War near Rapid Run Drive.

“It smells like sewer,” said Courtney Compton, about the Racquet Club Apartment Complex that she just moved into.  “It’s not something you want to sit on your porch and drink coffee in the morning.”

It’s not the apartment complex that smells though; it’s the sewage water that flooded into a pond near the apartments.

Water crews said part of a sewer pipe collapsed which caused sewer water to back up.  It overflowed manholes then went into a nearby creek before ending up in the pond.

Crews created a temporary fix, pumping sewage from the broken line directly into a sanitary manhole.

“So that sewage is no longer getting out into the environment it’s going from being pumped inside the line to a manhole,” said Mark York with Lexington Environmental Quality and Public Works.

York said the pond still has to be drained because it’s not safe to keep sewage water in there but he said the by-pass pump is working and crews can focus on getting the broken pipe fixed.

“Sometimes we’re able to insert a liner and that fixes it and sometimes we have to dig up the pipe and replace it,” said York.  “It’s really going to depend on the solution that we come up with for fixing the pipe.  Can we line it in place or do we have to replace a section of the pipe one is probably going to take a little bit longer than the other.”

York said they have about 1,400 miles of underground sewage pipes throughout Lexington but no word yet on why this one might have collapsed.

ABC 36 reached out to both The Racquet Club and Enclave Apartment Complex which both used flyers to warn the people who live there about the sewage problem.

The Enclave Apartments said the city is handling everything and ABC 36 has not heard back from The Racquet Club.

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