“Slim Down Madison County” – Telford Community Center YMCA

Jana Milam and Randal Warford, with the Telford Community Center YMCA, have a mission to share with Katie Solove: to slim down Madison County in 2017!

The staff at the YMCA are hoping to increase physical activity and promote healthy lifestyles for Madison County residents,  and want to start off the New Year by teaching participants better food choices and proper nutrition in an 8-week course featuring group coaching and support!

Registration for the “Slim Down Madison County” initiative costs $30.00 for an Individual and $100.00 for a Family/Team.  Membership with the YMCA is not required to participate.

Cash prizes will be given to the top 3 teams, as well as the top male and female individuals at the end of the competition.

Participants will receive free fitness classes each week at the YMCA while the competition is running, and are encouraged to experience different types of physical activity.

Weigh-in’s will be held once a week during a 2-hour time frame. Missing 3 or more weigh-ins will result in loss of participation in the program.  Participants must weigh-in at the same location.

To learn more about the “Slim Down Madison County” initiative, visit the Telford Community Center YMCA’s website, follow them on Facebook, or call (859) 623-9356.

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