Sixth District Congressional Candidates Debate

Kentuckians vote in two weeks. 

Among other things, people in the 6th Congressional District will elect someone to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Monday evening on Kentucky Educational Television (KET) in Lexington, Republican incumbent Andy Barr debated Democratic challenger Elisabeth Jensen.

The first part of the debate focused on Obama Administration policy, especially Obamacare.

"These government policies are making life harder.  In the case of Obamacare, we’re seeing a government that’s breaking its promises.  The President’s signature promise was that if you like your health care plan, you’ll get to keep it.  That’s turned out to be a broken promise.  In Kentucky, 280,000 Kentuckians have had their plans that they liked, canceled.  It has made life harder.  The labor market is, one of the reasons we haven’t seen a recovery in the labor market is in large part due to Obamacare," said Barr.

"We have legislation now, the Affordable Care Act, here in Kentucky, it’s called kynect, which has had over half a million people enrolled.  Many of whom never had health coverage before.  We have so many families now who are never going to have to worry about pre-existing conditions.  We have women who don’t have to worry about mammograms, women who have access to birth control.  We are going to have a much healthier work force," Jensen said.

Barr is running for a second term.

This is Jensen’s first run for public office.

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