Six teens lost to gun violence this year, one victim’s family speaks out

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – On Tuesday, Lexington’s latest gunshot victim who was only 14-years-old underwent an autopsy. The coroner says Daymarcus Williams was killed yesterday at a home on Lancelot Lane after another teen fired a shot. According to the coroner, this isn’t the example of kids accused of killing kids this year in Lexington. For many of us, seeing another tragic shooting involving a young person is heart-wrenching. Families who have been through that same pain themselves says its much more than that, its a reminder. Tracie Williams is the aunt of Hayden Nash, a-17-year old shot on alumni drive in April.

“He had this laughter about him that was contagious and you could be in the worst mood and he could make you laugh,” recalls William.

Williams told ABC 36 News that Hayden’s death came as a shock. Growing up, Hayden and his cousins knew not to play with guns. His aunt says he even made a gun safety video at age 12. But according to Lexington Police, it wasn’t Nash holding the gun. His accused shooter who has not been identified was a 14 year old that’s now facing multiple charges including manslaughter. According to data from homicide investigations by Lexington Police from January 2021 to now, 6 teens have died from gunfire. In 2020, it was 7. Williams says it’s not just violent video games and TV that are to blame.

“I don’t believe that its the guns killing these kids its the kids killing these kids. Parents you need to tell your kids about gun safety..If they see a gun don’t touch it put it down,” says Williams.

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