Six horses killed in barn fire at Chanteclair Farm

A devastating fire in Woodford County that firefighters say killed six horses.

The fire started around six o’clock in the morning in one of the horse barns at Chanteclair Farm on Aiken Road in Versailles according to crews.

Firefighters say the barn had already burned to the ground by the time they arrived and there was nothing they could do to save the horses.

Crews are not sure how the fire started but they say the flames were so hot, the heat caused a nearby barn filled with hay to catch fire.

The nearest fire hydrant was more than two miles away so firefighters say they had shuttle water back and forth to fight the flames.  They were able to keep the fire from spreading to a third barn that contained diesel fuel.

The Chanteclair Farm website says the farm was started in 19995 by a Saudi Arabian price who was known for breeding winning thoroughbreds.  Five of his horses ran in Breeder’s Cup races.

The former farm manager says the farm was sold two years ago when the prince passed away.

No word on if the horses that died in the fire were thoroughbreds.

Workers on the farm say they are devastated but didn’t want to talk about the fire.

The fire department says the cause of the fire is still under investigation and could take a few days.

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