Silver Cliff Landscaping (Live Shot 3)

Silver Cliff Landscaping in Richmond

Welcome back to Good Day Kentucky, on your Thursday morning at Silver Cliff Landscaping in Richmond. We’ve got Jessica, we’ve to Missy with us. Now, we’ve made our way inside. Some would walk into this place trying to pick out a plant, but then they come in here and then the options are just galore. Tell us what you have going on in the gift shop.


Well, just as you said it. People can come here looking for a plant and they come in and realize we have a huge selection of gifty items from, you know, your wind chimes, which is a pretty popular item for us. Bird feeders. There’s really a lot to offer, and people just don’t realize that we have it. Another pretty hot item are hats.


Yes. We also have a large selection of hats. You know, you have to protect yourself from the sun this time of year. We do have a lot of hats for that.


Sun protection, so key. If you’re looking for a gift for someone, the options here are really … When you go from stuff to decorate your walls, to stuff that would make a great, maybe a centerpiece for a table, I mean, the options really are unlimited.


They really are, I mean, like you said, we have a lot of different things. Something really cool we got in, are like, statues of animals, would you think to come here and get that? Probably not. We have a really cool selection of that. We also have an awesome variety of solar and nighttime rooms. Something that can spice-up your landscaping at night. Allows you to kinda do a little different things with that.


It’s not just enjoyed in the daytime. It’s gonna look good at night too. Very important. As we continue to make our way around the property, we’re checking out some of your fountains, some of your pottery. I mean, this place, it’s more than just plants here. What else do you offer at Silver Cliff?


Aside from plants, we have here the gift shop, which has a lot of different things. Perennials, we have a great sunshine and shade perennial house, which allows you to kinda feel comfortable knowing what kind of plants you’re getting and if it will work for you. We also have bulk items like mulch, and soil, and a lot of different things other than just plants.


All the way down to the trees in the back too. Now, my mom is a huge fan of mums. When is mum season?


Mums are in the fall. That’s when you can come, get your pumpkins, and your pansies, and mums. Definitely, normally end of September, right around there, just in time for the fall.


You also mention that you do do residential and commercial landscaping. Any size project you guys can handle it.


That’s right. Anything, we’re pretty capable of taking care of ya.


Very cool. Well, if people want to check you out, maybe wanna set up an appointment too, see what you could do to their yard and make it beautiful. Make them the best looking house on the block, how do they get a hold of you?


Just give us a call. You can reach us at 859-623-1200.


All right, Jessica, Missy, appreciate you having us. Great place here. I’ll see you in the fall for the mums, how’s that?


Sounds good. Thank you.


All right. We’re gonna send it back to the studio.


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