Silver Cliff Landscaping (Live Shot 2)

Silver Cliff Landscaping in Richmond

Welcome back to Good Day Kentucky on your Thursday morning. We’re here at Silver Cliff Landscaping in Richmond. We’ve got Tom [Horvett 00:00:06] and Jessica [McKinney 00:00:06] with us. We’ve made our way through the property. Now we’re in the garden shop. First things first, very impressive selection. Tell us what you have in the garden shop.


Thanks. We have lots of fountains and lots of bird baths. We also carry ceramic pots and concrete pots, statuary is a big thing this year. I guess fountains are the big thing that people really come here for. We have probably the largest selection of fountains around.


It makes such an aesthetic difference in your yard when you do have something like this too, kind of liven things up a little bit. But if people have a vision of what they’re thinking, you probably have it here, right?


Absolutely. People, like he said, they come from all around just because of the selection that we have. If you’re looking for something, you’re most likely going to be able to find it.


Very cool. The selection is just very impressive all around. It even goes outside a little bit too. We’re going to kind of switch gears a little bit. We’re going to talk more about your residential landscaping services, something that you guys actually work together doing.


We do. I’m the one who goes out and does the pan, and then I’ll bring it back and Jess puts it on, we have a computer program that’s really neat, shows your house and the plants as it would look when we get done. It’s a really good service.


Yeah, and the goal is always to have the best yard on the block, right? And when you guys kind of start mapping things out, what goes into coming up with someone’s ideal landscape design?


Honestly, it just depends a lot on the property, what’s surrounding it as far as the shade and sun, what plants would do well in those areas, so you want to create something that blends well and balances nicely, and Tom’s great at doing that.


And you guys could basically take on any size job or project, right?


Correct, yeah. We do residential jobs as small as a half a day’s work to commercial jobs that may be a month on the job, so yeah, we are equipped to do any size job.


And you mentioned the free visit to map it out. What’s the easiest way to contact you guys and get that information and get that on the way?


Just give us a call at 859-623-1200 and leave your name and address and exactly what you want and then I’ll come to your house we’ll get a design going for you.

Takes a little of the intimidation out of it, too, when you’re coming to us as opposed to me having to go to you, so it’s like a home field advantage, essentially.


That’s exactly true, yeah. And it’s really important to get some advice, to make sure you use the right plants in front of your house.


Appreciate it. Well, we’ve got a lot more to get to still from Silver Cliff Landscaping in Richmond. For now, from the garden shop, but we’re going to send it back to the studio.


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