Silver Cliff Landscaping (Live Shot 1 )

Silver Cliff Landscaping in Richmond

Speaker 1: Hey, we’re out here at Silver Cliff Landscaping in Richmond. Time to start thinking about the garden if you haven’t done so yet. We have Tom Horvet and also Jessie McKinny with us, owner, manager. Thanks for having us. This is a great place you have here. So many plants, so much to get through, and we’ve only scratched the surface, but tell us a little bit about Silver Cliff.


Speaker 2: We’re a landscape company, garden center. Been in business for 45 years. I’ve owned it for 20 years, the past 20. We serve the community and local areas on landscaping. We carry all kinds of plants and trees and shrubs and flowers and offer a lot of services such as outdoor. We do mowing, commercial and residential, and free design for landscaping.


Speaker 1: Okay, so it’s not just plants here. They’ve got a whole list of services. I think obviously helping people making the right choice when it comes to the right plant is such a pivotal part about what you guys do, because I just show up and I’m like, “I have a vision,” but you guys actually make it happen.


Speaker 3: Yeah, that’s correct. We have a lot of knowledgeable staff that can help anybody that comes in and lead them to the right direction on what they need as far as sun, shade, plants, things like that. We’re pretty good at helping out the customers so they feel confident in what they’re buying.


Speaker 1: Very cool. Tell us about the property you have. I think the waterfall there, pretty neat. I think it really kind of sets the tone, but you’ve got different areas. You’ve got an inside part, you’ve got garden centers. Kind of walk us around the property if you will.


Speaker 2: Sure. The front part of the garden center mostly are trees and shrubs and ornamental flowers. We carry annuals and hanging baskets. Then as you move around to the back, we have a garden shop, which is mostly fountains, bird baths, that type of thing. We carry soils and bolt products. And in the very back of the garden center we have an acre of trees. All the larger trees are in the back.


Speaker 1: So from small flowers to a big tree, you guys could do it all here at Silver Cliff. But we’ve got a lot to talk about here on this Thursday morning. We’re gonna kinda go around, maybe talk about when the right time to start planting some of these plants is and how it can fit and benefit your yard. So we’ll get to you guys in a little bit, but for now we are gonna send it back to the studio. A lot more coming up here at Silver Cliff in Richmond.



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