Showers and thunderstorms to help end heatwave

A cold front will slide through Central and Eastern Kentucky Friday, bringing showers and thunderstorms along with cooler weather in its wake.

After what feels like days worth of heat, a pattern change is finally on the way starting Friday. A cold front from the north will first bring a chance of showers and thunderstorms. Most of these will be hit or miss, and not everyone will see rain. The highest coverage looks to be across Southern Kentucky.

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With plenty of heat and humidity, thunderstorms that do get going may be strong to severe. The primary concerns are large hail and damaging winds. This threat should dissipate by the early evening as the front pushes south.

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We will be left behind with a near picture-perfect Saturday and Sunday as temperatures will be comfortable and dew points will be low. However, both dew points and temperatures will slowly rise as the week goes on, and we could be in store for another heat wave.

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