Should Morgan County’s Judge/Executive Still Hold Office?

Morgan County Judge/Executive Tim Conley plans to plead guilty to fraud, and he’s still in office. 

One current Morgan County Magistrate wants Conley to resign immediately.  A former Magistrate wants the same thing.  Conley’s been running the county under house arrest for about nine months.

His office chair sits empty.  Conley’s not allowed to come to work.

"I have been so shocked over this whole thing," said Lynn Nickell, a friend of Conley’s.

Nickell says Conley is like a son.  After the tornado Nickell and many others looked to Conley for strength and hope. 

Prosecutors accuse him of giving work to a construction company in exchange for kickbacks. 

Conley will plead guilty to fraud. 

Nickell still struggles to make sense of it.

"It was really hard.  If you had a close friend that did something, or is accused of doing something it would be hard for you to believe, because I had no indication at all if he did the things, that he did them," said Nickell.

Nickell wrote books about the recovery.  He even dedicated one to Conley calling him, "The right man at the right time." 

As far as Conley’s future as Judge/Executive, Nickell says Conley should do what’s best for him and his family.

Conley plans to enter his guilty plea in about two weeks.

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