Shots Fired At Apartment With Children Inside In Danville

Danville Police said shots were fired at an apartment on Madison Avenue on Tuesday that had three children under the age of 6 inside at the time.

Police said no one was hit.

Investigators said the intended target was Jeffrey Hackle, 22, of Danville, who police said was staying at the apartment with a woman.

Police said two men in a dark blue, 4-door sedan pulled up to the apartment and started shooting at Hackle, who was standing near the front door of the apartment.

Investigators said Hackle ran and was later found on Daniel Drive at the McDowell Home Health Agency where he was asking to be treated for a leg injury.

Police said the injury to Hackle’s left leg was not a gunshot wound.  Investigators said they thought Hackle injured his leg running from the shooters.

Police said Hackle was treated at Ephriam McDowell and then arrested on a Boyle County Domestic Violence Bench Warrant, which showed a Harrodsburg address.

Investigators said one of the shooting suspects, Bryan Anthony Douglas, 28, was found walking along Madison Avenue near Daniel Drive.

Police said witnesses identified Douglas as a passenger in the car and one of the shooters. 

Investigators said he was arrested and charged with 5 counts of Wanton Endangerment.  Police said more charges were possible as the investigation continued.

Police said they were still looking for the other suspect, who reportedly drove the sedan and also fired shots.

Meantime, investigators said they found several shell casings outside the apartment where the shots were fired, including a round that went into the neighboring apartment that had two people inside at the time.  Police said no one in that apartment was injured.

Police also said it appeared that another bullet hit the bumper of a car belonging to one of the tenant’s in the apartment where a single bullet was found.

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