Several people recognize Memorial Day with visit to new Gold Star Monument

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Even though it is a day off for many people, it is important to remember those Memorial Day honors, the men and women who gave their lives fighting for their country.

This is the first Memorial Day a new monument sits in Veteran’s Park. It honors the families of those who died fighting for freedom. It is that freedom people enjoyed Monday as they stopped by the wall to pay their respects.

It is often thought of as the first real day of summer, a day to get outside and be with family, but it is on this day, sometimes more intensely than on others, that some families remember they cannot be together. It is those families the new wall salutes, te ones who have sacrificed a son or daughter so others can play.

Hundreds drive past the display every day, but Monday visitor after visitor stopped by for a photo and some moments of peace.

Even those playing in the park could not help, but look over.

“It’s cool. I mean, it’s neat how they get the silhouette of the solider in there. I think it’s really well done,” Jason Craig said.

Veteran’s Park is the perfect place to symbolize what those soldiers fought for.

“We’re blessed to live in the country we live in and to have people who protect our country and our freedoms. It’s why this is the best country in the world,” Craig said.

Freedom is not free. No one knows that better than the families of those who died fighting for it.

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