Seven Fayette County Elementary Schools among the worst in the state

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- Seven Fayette County elementary schools are among the worst performing schools in the state and are now being required to get help from the district to improve.

Superintendent Manny Caulk will be taking over control of seven elementary schools after those schools tested in the bottom five percent in the state.

Arlington, Harrison, Mary Todd, Millcreek, William Wells Brown, Yates and Coventry Oak elementary school all scored among the worst in the state last year according to the Department of Education’s accountability results.

“This is an opportunity and a call to action for us to look more deeply at the experiences for our most vulnerable population, for our youngest population, for our children at the elementary level,” said Superintendent Caulk.

The schools have been given the state’s new low-performance designation, Comprehensive Support and Intervention, or CSI, which gives the superintendent of the district full control over of those schools.

“We are going to make immediate changes at these schools as we go forward,” said Superintendent Caulk.

The superintendent wouldn’t say what those specific changes will be but said some more long term changes will include an external audit of all seven schools as well as the formation of an advisory council.

“We’re bringing together the advisory council to look more systemically at a cradle to career, what else can we do,” said Superintendent Caulk.

Teachers in the district say they agree something needs to be done but are unsure about the superintendent having full control.

“It’s never happened before for us so I think there is a lot of uncertainty as to what that really means. So I think we’ll have to work through that and see how he envisions that working because we’re not sure how he envisions that,” said Jessica Hiler, president of the Fayette County Education Association.

But some parents say they think allowing the superintendent to have more control will help hold people accountable.

“Him taking over or any superintendent in any district taking over short term because this is a temporary take over I think would jar a few people and make them think maybe we’re not doing this right,” said Penny Christian, president of the 16th District PTA.

The superintendent says he has already spoken to all of the principals at theses seven schools letting them know exactly how he plans to change those schools moving forward.

He says those plans will be made public in the next coming weeks.

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