Senator Mitch McConnell addresses hot topics

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – Wednesday, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was in Richmond speaking to the Chamber of Commerce. McConnell spoke on topics many are in debate over, including the crisis in Afghanistan and surging COVID cases.

After the Taliban took over Afghanistan, McConnell called the Biden Administration’s U.S. troop withdrawal a “failure of American leadership”. The senator stood by that statement on Wednesday, saying pulling our soldiers out entirely was a mistake and we should have left some troops there as a deterrent to the Taliban.

“You had about 2,500 troops there for counter-terrorism and ongoing training of Afghan National Army,” says McConnell. “It was keeping the lid on, we didn’t lose a single military personnel in combat last year. I think it was a deployment that was working so I would not have withdrawn.”

McConnell says even Democratic leaders are calling for an investigation into what went wrong in the U.S. withdrawal.

“These are barbarians…barbarians,” says McConnell in reference to the Taliban. “I worry about the Afghan women and children who will be stuck there.”

McConnell also addressed the surging coronavirus.

“Let me just say, I think the key is pretty obvious- vaccines, vaccines, vaccines,” he says.

When asked if he would get a booster shot, which is now being recommended by U.S. health officials, pending approval, he said “absolutely”.

“If they recommend I take a booster, when my turn comes, I’m going to take it,” says McConnell.

McConnell says listen to the facts, the science and the experts, and follow the rules. When asked if he would support a statewide mask mandate if the governor reinstated it, he said no question, yes.

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