Senator McGarvey selected to State Voting Rights Council

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Sen. Morgan McGarvey, D-Louisville, has been selected by the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) to serve as a member of the State Voting Rights Council.

The State Voting Rights Council will consist of state legislators from across the country who are working to mobilize lawmakers to combat voter suppression strategies. As a member, Sen. McGarvey will participate in legislative working groups, and attend events with voter protection experts and stakeholders.

“At the peak of the global pandemic, our Democratic Governor and Republican Secretary of State made election changes to ease the minds of voters with health concerns,” said Sen. McGarvey. “After the election, an overwhelming majority of Kentuckians supported these changes because of how much more convenient it made the process. Some of those changes were made permanent by the legislature during the 2021 Regular Session ¾ but we still have work to do.”

The State Voting Rights Council’s mission is to expand and protect voting access, and ensure that every American can exercise their constitutional right to vote without illegitimate barriers. Members will also have access to resources from other states on best practices to expand voter participation and access.

“The Kentucky General Assembly made some important changes to ease limitations on how and when Kentuckians cast their ballot,” said Sen. McGarvey. “If you want more people to do something, you make it easier. If you want fewer people to do something, you make it more difficult. We must ensure everyone’s voice is heard. I look forward to becoming a member of the DLCC Voting Rights Council and continuing that work.”

McGarvey brings experience to the Council as the Democratic Floor Leader in the Kentucky State Senate. He has been a consistent advocate and sponsor of legislation to expand voting access in the state.

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