Senate votes to put stipulation on needle-exchange programs

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – Kentucky lawmakers have delved back into the contentious issue of needle-exchange programs created as a result of a 2015 law combating the state’s heroin-addiction problems.

The state Senate on Tuesday passed a bill to require a one-for-one exchange of clean and dirty needles.

Supporters say the one-for-one swap was the intent when lawmakers voted last year to allow local governments the option of setting up needle-exchange programs for addicts.

Senators added language for the one-for-one exchange to a House bill. The measure will return to the House, which will decide whether to accept the Senate’s changes.

Advocates of needle-exchange programs see the swaps as a way to prevent the spread of diseases and steer drug users toward treatment. State health officials say six counties have embraced the programs.

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