Senate passes charter school bill


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ/AP) – The state Senate has approved a bill that would allow charter schools in Kentucky for the first time.

Charter schools operate like private schools and are governed by a performance-based contract instead of state regulations but are funded with taxpayer dollars.

House Bill 520 let people ask a local school board for permission to start a charter school.  The mayors of Lexington and Louisville could also authorize them.

Supporters say it gives students better opportunities for success and more options.

Those against the bill say charter schools would take money and resources away from the already underfunded public schools.

Kentucky is one of seven states that currently does not allow charter schools.

The proposal already passed the House earlier in March, but because the Senate changed the bill, the House must vote on it again.

Under the House bill, if a student left a public school to attend a charter school, state tax dollars would follow that student, with some exceptions. The state Senate removed that language, raising questions as to how the schools would be funded.

ABC 36 reached out to Lexington’s mayor Jim Gray to see if he would start a charter school.  His office says it is waiting to see if the bill passes again in the House before making a statement.

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