Senate candidates prepare for busy election day

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Hours away from Election Day 2016, Senate candidates Jim Gray and Rand Paul canvas Kentucky in hopes of swaying the state’s remaining undecided voters.

From Pikeville to Paducah, Louisville to Lexington and everywhere in between, Gray and Paul spend the few hours left until voters in Kentucky hit the polls, continuing to campaign.

At a campaign stop in Lexington early Monday morning, alongside other Kentucky conservative voices, Paul spoke about the future.

“We are America. We are the greatest, richest, most free country on the planet and we can continue to grow, continue to lead the nation. We are not a shrinking pie, we are going to expand the pie where everybody gets richer,” he says.

Meanwhile, over the phone, Lexington mayor Jim Gray had this to say.

“People are telling me they want change. And what I’m saying is, if you want change in Washington you’ve got change the people you send to Washington.”

The candidates will vote early Tuesday morning before watching election results unfold later in the day.

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