Secretary of State announces KY moving fast on cleaning up voter rolls

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) Secretary of State Michael Adams announced Kentucky is moving forward to remove dead and nonresident voters from its rolls.

Adams says the following is in effect:

  • In May, postcards were sent to every registered voter in Kentucky, both to inform them how they could vote in the June 23 primary, but also so that postcards undeliverable to dead or nonresident voters would be returned and those voters tracked for purposes of list maintenance.
  • This month, each such voter who is not confirmed as deceased will receive individualized correspondence from the Secretary of State that prompts such voter to confirm in writing whether the voter has moved out of Kentucky; if so, the voter will be immediately removed from the voter rolls. By law, voters who have moved must consent to removal from the voter file and cannot otherwise be purged until two federal elections have passed after those voters have been identified and contacted, and have failed to respond, correct their voter information, or vote.
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