Search Warrant Task Force aims to improve No-Knock Warrants

Search Warrant Task Force discusses no-knock warrants

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – A no-knock search warrant task force that was formed by the state Attorney General’s office after the Breonna Taylor shooting met on Monday.

The group says it aims to defend and protect peoples constitutional rights while also keeping them safe.
The task force is looking at a “tool kit” or an outline of things to be considered prior to and after a executing a search warrant. One idea to improve these warrants is being mindful of others in the home who aren’t the targets of the warrant. Children are an example. After a search warrant is completed, another suggestion is having officers check to see if there was anything removed from the home or any damage done. Victoria Lopez tells ABC 36 News that the topic hits close to home for her.
Police executed a no knock warrant at her house with her children there.

“It was a pretty scary thing for me and if children are in the home maybe if they know children are there..Maybe have social workers come remove the children before entering or maybe have the social worker there at the time of executing the warrant I think would make a huge difference,” explains Lopez.

The task force will meet again December 22nd.

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