Search Continues For Escaped Wolf-Dog In Jessamine County

There has been an all out wolf hunt in Jessamine County since Wednesday morning.

That’s when three female wolf-dog’s escaped from the Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge, right off of busy Highway 27 in Jessamine County.

David Fuller, co-owner of the refuge, said the animals got loose by digging underneath a broken gate.

He said it was the first time any animal had escaped from the refuge, which is a rescue center for animals ranging from cougars to coyotes.

Two of the wolf-dog’s were recaptured using meat, live traps and tranquilizer guns.  The animals weren’t injured.

The third wolf-dog, ‘Cheyanne,’ was still on the loose as of Friday night.

The two recaptured animals, ‘Cherokee’ and ‘Luna,’ were being kept in a kennel with a concrete floor, making it escape-proof.

Refuge co-owner Fuller said he wasn’t worried for the public’s safety.  "My concern would be for livestock, but not people.  They’re very friendly."

The remaining escapee is full-grown and about 80-pounds, according to Fuller.

Fuller said if you see the animal, don’t approach it or try to capture it yourself.  He said to call Animal Control or Law Enforcement.

If you’d like more information about the Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge, click here.

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