Sculpture park’s Sky Chamber is a portal to another world

Unique park in Frankfort adds unique exhibit

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ/Press Release) – The Josephine Sculpture Park, the only one of its kind in Kentucky, has a new sculpture for visitors to explore⁠ — literally — by climbing inside and experiencing the natural world, and themselves,


Photo by Josh Adams


Photo by Josh Adams

in a whole new way. 

Artist in Residence Daniel Shieh used the simple materials of wood and mirrors to produce the impressive structure, which is immediately visible to visitors as they enter the Park, perched atop a rolling meadow.

Sky Chamber holds a secret space that takes visitors to a mystical place seemingly perched in the sky,” Shieh explains. Visitors enter a narrow, tunneled hallway, which elicits a childlike impulse for exploration and shelter, enticing them to go deeper and discover an inner room. Built as a sanctuary for rest and contemplation, the simple, plain white interior reflects and amplifies the changes of the sky. The sculpture reacts to its environment, witnessed by the viewer.

Visitors can explore the design and construction of this sculpture through a series of short videos documenting the process.

Josephine Sculpture Park is a place “where art meets Earth,” says Founding Director Melanie VanHouten.

The Park exhibits nearly 80 contemporary artworks across 30-acres of rolling Kentucky woodland and meadows. Habitat restoration projects are reintroducing native plants for wildlife. The park is open year round from sun-up to sunset, with no admission fee. 

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