Scott County Sheriff’s Office searching for missing mother of 3

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Deputies say 32-year-old Sheena Baxter was last seen Friday night after visiting with family.

Baxter’s sister, Christa Crumley, says Baxter was waiting for a ride from her boyfriend to stay the night. But crumley says she never got in the car with him and disappeared after she said she was just going to step outside and be right back.

“It’s tearing me up, my mind is racing,” Crumley said.

She said this isn’t like her sister, especially since she has three daughters.

“This is not normal, something is up,” she said.

Now, she’s pleading for anyone who might know something about her sister’s disappearance to say something.

If you have any information about Sheena Baxter you can contact Scott County Sheriff’s Office.

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