Scott County Schools will be in session on eclipse day

GEORGETOWN< Ky. – Scott County Schools will be in session and on regular schedule on Monday, August 21, 2017.  This is the day of the solar eclipse where our community will be in a partial viewing area.

The district has thoroughly considered all options related to the eclipse.  The best place for students to learn about the eclipse is at school under the instruction of teachers.  Other factors contributing to this decision include potential safety concerns for students who could be home alone if we cancel school as well as the disruption of work schedules and childcare arrangements for families.

Student safety is very important to Scott County Schools.  As a district, we believe this is a wonderful learning opportunity for students.  Schools are planning a variety of activities to allow students to participate safely including indirect viewing and video livestreaming.  Some schools have purchased certified glasses for students as well.

Teachers will instruct students in the classroom on proper safety measures related to the eclipse.  Because transportation will run on regular schedule, all district bus drivers have been made aware of safety concerns and precautions for students.

If parents decide to take their children out of school on August 21, 2017 to view the eclipse, we will honor this decision.  Parents can complete an Education Enhancement Opportunity (EEO) Request Form outlining plans for the day and the significant educational value for students.  Completed forms should be turned in to the school principal for approval prior to the absence.  An approved EEO will not affect the student’s attendance and students will be able to make up all assignments


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