Scott County Schools talks combating pandemic learning loss

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Scott County High School Principal Meocha Williams said paying attention to every detail and figuring out what students need right now is the best way to tackle learning loss caused by the pandemic.

“It’s not about reinventing the wheel,” Williams said. “It’s about looking at our current structures and being more intentional. It’s really just about us knowing or students and our families and helping to fill in those gaps.”

Williams said she’s glad that most students opted to come back to school this year, giving the district the opportunity to dig into the problem early. But, she says there’s more work to do.

Williams said it’s not just one subject students are struggling with; she’s seeing issues across the board. Some of the steps already taken included Saturday school during the school year, and now summer school is gearing up.

“What we have seen is that this has really helped to build the confidence of our students because they’re seeing – you know what, I know more than I thought that I did, or maybe I’m not as behind as I thought that I was,” Williams said.

Williams said it’s thanks to feedback from families, students, teachers and the larger community that the learning loss committee was formed.

“Out of this pandemic, we are going to see a lot of innovation and we’re going to be looking at some of the things that we’ve done and looking at how we can make things better, how we can be more efficient with things, so I’m very excited,” Williams said.

She said she knows the graduating seniors have a bright future ahead of them and she said returning students can trust that the district won’t leave them behind.

“We are so proud of them for their strength and their resilience through this difficult time, and we just can’t wait to see what great thing they’re going to do moving forward.”

The Kentucky Department of Education said results from the 2021 K-PREP test will be available for each county in the fall. To see previous years, click here.

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