School Won’t Stop on Snow Days

Jessamine County students and teachers are on fall break but winter is just around the corner.

Last year, students in that county missed 17 days of school because of bad weather.

At some schools throughout the state, including Jessamine County, learning will go on this winter even if students are not in the classroom.

Virtual school days will take place in 13 counties: Boyle, Grant, Jessamine, Johnson, Lawrence, Leslie, Owsley, Pike, Taylor, Todd, Washington and Wolfe counties and Corbin Independent.

In the event of bad weather, teachers will post snow day assignments online that correspond with what would have been taught that day in the classroom.

Educators know kids may still want to go play out in the snow.

They said this virtual school day is not based on the rigorous schedule of a normal school day but instead formatted for only a few hours of work.

“No way do we intend for our students to be engaged for eight hours a day while at home,” said Jess Castle, assistant superintendent for Jessamine County Schools.  “What we want them to do is understand that learning never stops; whether you’re in a school building, a classroom or whether you’re at home.”

They don’t want students to go days without any instruction like last winter.

Each participating district may count up to ten of these non-traditional school days as regular attendance days. 

Any more than ten and the snow days will have to be made up.

Educators admit there is still a lot to figure out like how students who do not have access to a computer or the Internet will get assignments but they hope the program will be ready for the first snow day this winter.

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